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August 22 2018


This circus for nerds is like a cutting-edge Chuck E. Cheese's - CNET

Two Bit Circus is hoping to become the next nerd heaven.

MIT finally figures out how to get planes and submarines to communicate - CNET

Surprisingly, it's a feat that's never been done before.

Microsoft’s hackathon isn’t just about fixing the world’s problems - CNET

Microsoft, taking a page from other tech companies, is hosting a hackathon to get employees thinking creatively again. Here’s what that looks like from inside.

Verizon blames employee error for continued throttling of firefighters' data service - CNET

A fire department vehicle's data service was hobbled during a fight against California's biggest wildfire on record.

China just got a huge spike in internet users - CNET

With 30 million more internet users in the first half of this year, China has hit 800 million in total.

Walmart’s e-books store opens for business - CNET

The new selection includes 6 million digital book titles.

That hilarious penguins-falling-over rumor was plane fiction - CNET

Waddle you do with that job application? Turns out no zoo will hire you to pick up tipped-over penguins.

Barnum's Animals free the crackers and unleash online debate - CNET

A snack package redesign urged by PETA opened up a cookie jar full of different opinions.

Meet Steve: The mysterious purple ribbon in the sky - CNET

The unusual sky phenomenon isn't created by particle precipitation but something much more surprising, a new study finds.

August 21 2018


Marshmallows toast the news that Veronica Mars may come to Hulu - CNET

The 2000s show starred Kristen Bell as a young private investigator, and hit the big screen in 2014.

Life Is Strange 2: Everything you need to know - CNET

We got a glimpse of the game at Gamescom 2018. Here's what you should know.

Logitech says its $150 G Pro Wireless mouse can last an entire tournament - CNET

High-end wireless gaming mice haven't always had big enough batteries -- but this one is rated for 60 hours.

UK police chief proposes £100 fine for speeding 1 mph over the limit - Roadshow

If this proposal for increased stringency in the enforcement of speed laws goes through, what effects will it have?

MacBook Air 2018: All the rumors on specs, price, release date - CNET

Is Apple planning to refresh -- or retire -- the beloved MacBook Air? Here's everything we know.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate extended hands-on: A beefier Nintendo brawler - CNET

The fighter gets to the punch faster then ever, sending you (or your opponents) flying.

How Microsoft spotted another Russian hacking attempt - CNET

Also: How it all fits in with a larger campaign to influence elections.

Trump's CAFE rollback unpopular with consumers, survey says - Roadshow

Autolist's survey reveals that people want manufacturers to keep making fuel-efficient cars.

Apple imagines a world where self-driving cars come with 'countdown' clocks - Roadshow

Apple's patent hints at a self-driving car that will tell you every move it's going to make.

It's official: Women's pockets too small for smartphones - CNET

Data shows what many of us knew all along -- women's clothing isn't designed to carry much more the gadgets we use every day.

Sorry, Fortnite's not heading to to Apple TV - CNET

A TVOS reference was found buried in the the game's code. But it has nothing to do with a port of the game.
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