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February 27 2017


Effects of 'The Jungle Book' are bear necessities for an Oscar - CNET

FX expert Adam Valdez reveals how the film's digital jungle and computer-generated creatures earned an Academy Award.

Sony XZ Premium specs versus XZs, LG G6, Pixel XL - CNET

Sony has stuffed its new flagship handset with some great tech, but how do its specs stack up against the competition?

Oscars flub: Best picture goes to... wait, what? NOT 'La La Land' - CNET

The 89th annual Academy Awards ended with a shocking turn: "Moonlight" turned out to be the real best picture winner after "La La Land" was announced as the victor.

No data, no delays: Fox pushes movies straight to your phone - CNET

Full HD movies, straight to your phone, without eating your data or slowing down your device -- it's the dream, and the technology is here.

NXP's NFC tech lets you unlock cars with a phone - Roadshow

Chipmaker NXP announced that five automakers will implement its Near Field Communication technology into door handles, letting drivers use phones and other devices to access their cars.

Surprise, you're at the Oscars! Tour bus stunt divides Twitter - CNET

Some on social media found the Jimmy Kimmel prank charming, but others thought it was cringeworthy.

Storm spotters honor Bill Paxton by spelling his initials on map - CNET

Actor remembered for his role in 1996 "Twister," which inspired a generation of storm chasers.

Jimmy Kimmel tweets at Trump while presenting Oscars - CNET

Commentary: If you're presenting the Academy Awards, wouldn't you tweet at the world's most famous Twitterer?

Zachary Quinto confronts fears about Trump at the Oscars - CNET

Commentary: Using a "Star Trek" actor and a very poignant snippet from George Orwell's "1984," audiobook company Audible expresses itself clearly.

Samsung tries to out-cool Apple at Oscars - CNET

Commentary: During the Oscars, Samsung debuts an ad featuring vlogger Casey Neistat -- a man who once embarrassed Apple -- and the theme "do what you can't."

Words you never expect to hear: 'Suicide Squad' wins an Oscar - CNET

The Joker has an even bigger reason to smile after the action film takes home the award for best makeup and hairstyling.

Holy embarrassment! 'Batman v Superman' loads up on Razzies - CNET

The superhero slugfest ties with 'Hillary's America' for most bad-movie awards this year, with four.

Kingston Data Traveler GT 2TB gets its price, and it's steep - CNET

You can buy the tiny portable drive now for 28 percent off, though.

'Hidden Fences' goof reappears at Oscars, Twitter takes off - CNET

While the red-carpet mistake was immediately corrected, social media didn't hide its fascination with the error.

Jackie Chan causes early panda-monium on Oscar red carpet - CNET

Twitter users could bear-ly stand the cuteness. The martial-arts actor explains he is a panda ambassador -- no, really.

G6, G5 and 5G: Everything from Mobile World Congress press day - CNET

A host of new phones from LG, Huawei and Lenovo, plus two new Samsung tablets were just some of the new gear on display.

Actor Bill Paxton dies at 61 after surgery - CNET

Paxton was perhaps best known for his roles in "Aliens" and "Twister."

February 26 2017


Where's the Nokia phone we're craving? - CNET

Nokia swan dives back into the phone market through startup HMD, but it steers clear of the premium category dominated by Apple and Samsung.

Samsung's new Gear VR headset adds a controller to the mix - CNET

The new controller improves interaction, letting you point, drag and drop, and shoot at virtual objects.

A cheeky rebadging means you can soon buy a Nokia smartwatch - CNET

Everything that was once Withings will soon be Nokia through and through.
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