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June 15 2017


Amazon's new Dash Wand adds Alexa, is near-free on Prime - CNET

The voice-activated assistant and bar-code scanning gadget costs $20, but it also comes with a $20 credit.

Facebook Safety Check is stressing Brits out - CNET

At least in the UK, telling people you're safe has never been so controversial.

See 150,966 'Game of Thrones' deaths in one video - CNET

This spoiler-saturated video highlights every bloody, gruesome death of both characters and creatures from the six seasons of HBO's "Game of Thrones."

Twitter tries a new look to really, really get you to stay - CNET

The social network gets a makeover to fix what frustrated regular users and kept others away altogether.

This $10 accessory makes Apple's AirPods almost perfect - CNET

The AirPods don't stay in everybody's ears equally well. Sports fins fix that problem, but create another.

After years of GamerGate harassment, Brianna Wu's still fighting - CNET

Internet trolls turned Brianna Wu's life upside down. But, she's running for Congress and thinking all isn't quite lost.

Step into Julian Assange's office -- and into his head? - CNET

What has five years in this tiny room done to the WikiLeaks founder? CNET’s Richard Trenholm goes inside a perfect re-creation to imagine life in Assange’s shoes.

What iOS 11 tells us about the iPhone 8 - CNET

We like to read between the lines. Don’t you?

Inside Julian Assange's office - CNET

Go inside a scale replica of the controversial WikiLeaks founder's tiny office to find out what a five-year confinement might feel like.

Forget smartwatches: This tattoo could soon track your health - CNET

Harvard and MIT researchers teamed to create color-changing ink that detects bodily changes.

Count to 10: Girt by CNET podcast 112 - CNET

Free-to-air faces fiscal failure and the team talks two trade shows.

People are watching videos on their phones more than ever - CNET

57 percent of video plays in the first quarter of 2017 were on smartphones, says report.

Microsoft AI gets maximum score possible on Ms Pac-Man - CNET

After beating humans at Go, an AI has now claimed the top score of 999,990 points in the game, smashing the human record by four times.

Uber now being run by 14-person committee, report says - CNET

Commentary: It seems that Uber, once a one-man band, is now putting the onus on teamwork. A novel concept.

Apple reportedly working to make your medical history mobile - CNET

All your medical data could be available on your iPhone with new initiative, CNBC reports.

Sorry: Beyond Good and Evil 2 isn't coming anytime soon - CNET

Michel Ancel's vision for this game seems impossibly grand.

June 14 2017


The best US city for gamers might surprise you - CNET

Ready, player one? You can game anywhere, but the WalletHub personal-finance site ranks the 100 largest US cities using game-related statistics.

Google Drive will soon be able to backup your entire computer - CNET

Users will be able to select specific files on their computer to be continuously backed up to their Drive accounts.

US said to consider limits on Chinese investment in AI - CNET

Officials worry that technologies developed in the US could be used to bolster China's military capabilities.
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