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March 29 2017


Google Translate can now translate Korean while you watch - CNET

Point your phone at Korean text and watch the words transform into your language of choice.

ZTE escapes US trade blacklist - CNET

The US Commerce Department strikes ZTE's name off the trade blacklist after the company admitted to violating trade sanctions placed against Iran.

'Wreck-It Ralph 2' has a title (and we're 8-bit excited) - CNET

Looks like Ralph is getting a massive tech upgrade from arcade land.

Donald Trump has a new iPhone, says social media director - CNET

Commentary: The president, who once wanted Apple to be boycotted, now apparently has relented, according to his social media director.

This smartband knows what food you're eating - CNET

For the fitness buffs out there who can be bothered tracking calories but not be bothered writing things down.

You're going to flip at smart flip-flops, only $110 - CNET

Commentary: A company called Hari Mari believes that you want your flip-flops to communicate with the brand. You do, don't you?

NBC to finally show Olympics live on West Coast, because Twitter - CNET

Commentary: After years of annoying viewers on the West Coast, NBC finally succumbs to sense.

The world's biggest dino prints are probably bigger than you - CNET

The newly discovered dinosaur footprints in Australia are the biggest yet -- and they'll be hard to beat at the length of a fully grown man.

​Hillary Clinton calls out gender inequality in Silicon Valley - CNET

Speaking at a conference for businesswomen, the former presidential nominee praises the female Uber engineer who spoke out against workplace sexism.

'S-Town' podcast review (and 5 things to listen for as you binge) - CNET

The team behind the megahit podcast "Serial" is back with a new show that can be devoured in one sitting. Here's our spoiler-free cheat sheet. Hope you like steampunk.

March 28 2017


Uber's first diversity report reveals no surprises - CNET

The ride-hailing company shares its diversity stats for the first time. Guess what? Its employees are mostly white males.

Tesla employee sues the company over harassment - CNET

Staffer alleges that co-workers regularly used racially disparaging language toward him.

Jeep's ready to show something special at Easter Jeep Safari 2017 - Roadshow

As it does every year, the automaker has some unique concepts lined up for its annual off-road pilgrimage.

Mistaken Twitter identity sends Daily Mail scorn to Daily Mali - CNET

Social Cues: After a controversially leggy front page on the UK tabloid, an innocent bystander wants to clear the record.

Galaxy S8 could get a 3D camera, according to Vodafone slip up - CNET

The British telecom company may have accidentally revealed the feature before the phone's unveiling.

Motorola Moto X leaked photos show dual cameras - CNET

Photos of an alleged Moto X reveal dual cameras, internal specs and some cool design cues.

Facebook fury follows video of son's 'horrifying' TSA patdown - CNET

Commentary: More than 5.6 million people have already watched a video of a TSA agent performing what appears to be an extensive patdown on a boy.

Police break up a plot to steal Enzo Ferrari's body - Roadshow

This is the Ferrari movie Hollywood needs to make.

See the horror of Stretch Armstrong in a hydraulic press - CNET

Witness the stomach-turning destruction of iconic toy Stretch Armstrong beneath the unrelenting weight of a hydraulic press.

Ford ploughs $1.2B into three US plants ahead of Ranger, Bronco production - Roadshow

The investments confer other benefits, too, but who isn't excited for the new Ranger and Bronco?
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